Create a piece of art for display at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science opening celebration.   


Photo by Pete Birkinshaw


The Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science is excited to announce the Hopes & Wishes: A Community Flag Project. Spearheaded by museum board member Jennifer Roll and inspired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts “To Boston with Love” installation, this project will be a celebration of the community, Evansville and the grand opening of the “new” Evansville Museum. Through this project, Evansville community members are invited to add their own special touch to their Museum.

The Hopes & Wishes Project welcomes community members to decorate small cloth flags (either by sewing, drawing, painting, or a combination of techniques) highlighting what the city of Evansville means to them. Submissions will be accepted November 29 through January 20. The 9.5 inch high by 8.5 inch wide flags will then be strung together and displayed in the Museum during the grand opening celebration.

This project is designed so that it can be completed by groups or individuals as easily as in just one afternoon, and community members are invited to make as many flags as they like. "The more flags, the bigger the impact. We invite everyone in the community to participate in celebrating the grand opening of the renovated and expanded Evansville Museum. Share your hopes and good wishes or let us know what you love about our City and the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science. We look forward to seeing the creativity of families, schools, church groups, book clubs, and all types of teams and organizations in our community," stated Mary Bower, the Museum's Interim Director and Virginia G. Schroeder Curator of Collections.

Participants are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative in designing each flag by using different materials like paint, fabric, or appliqué. Because the flags will hang nearly twelve feet high, the design should be bold and bright.

School art classes are invited to participate, as are community and civic groups, nursing home residents, scouting groups, our sister cities, area artists, families, or individuals - anyone and everyone who lives in or just loves Evansville!

In order to keep costs low for community members, donations of cloth, ribbon, thread, stamps, paint, etc. will be gladly accepted!

For anyone interested in learning more about the project there will be a workshop at the upcoming Day After Thanksgiving Fest. This will be the first opportunity for the community to come together to create flags at the Museum with the help of volunteers. This free event on Friday, November 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will include free materials, decorative supplies, and volunteers to assist guests in making their own flags. In addition to the Hopes & Wishes Project, there will be exciting science demonstrations, holiday planetarium shows and winter craft projects!

Completed flags are due by January 20, 2014 and can be dropped off at the following locations: the Evansville Museum; Old National Bank, Lakeside Commons; Old National Bank, West Franklin Street; Old National Bank, University Square; Old National Bank, Bell Oaks.

Click HERE for more information, including drop off location addresses and examples of flags, or contact Curator of Education Karen Malone at

Click HERE for a flag template.

Click HERE for a suggested color palette.