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Eureka: How Science Knows

There are a number of natural phenomena in science that have been well-understood in for decades, and in some instances, centuries. Many of these scientific facts have been around so long that few question their authenticity, despite having no knowledge of how these phenomena initially became to be understood. 

Tapping into a universal interest in understanding our world, this exhibition will seek to engage guests in a deeper understanding about how science works. Created in conjunction with experts in their respective fields, Eureka: How Science Knows presents the science that led to our understanding of many well-known phenomena, answering questions such as; “How do we know that inheritance involves chromosomes?”;  “How do we know that DNA is the stuff of heredity?” and; “How do we know that the Big Bang actually happened?”.  The exhibition explains the Scientific Method, the universal process whereby through systematic observation, measurement, and experimentation, hypothesis testing, and modification an idea about how something works arises.

The exhibition highlights the work of select scientists and shows that although work is often done by individuals working in isolation, science depends on continuous interactions within the scientific community. Furthermore, although different parts of the scientific process may be carried out by different people at different times, the development of experiments or the making of observations based on conjecture and thought are the foundation for all science.