Permanent and changing history exhibitions at the Museum provide a diverse educational opportunity for visitors of all ages.

Abraham Lincoln: 1809-1865 provides insight into the sixteenth president’s life during his formative years in Spencer County, Indiana.  Of special significance is a small cabinet built by Abraham Lincoln.

A sense of life in the Midwest is explored in the ten detailed shops of Rivertown U. S. A.  One of the most popular exhibitions of Rivertown U. S. A. is the Doctor’s Office of William M. Elliott--a graduate of Evansville Medical College.

Arms for Victory recalls the people, technology and events of World War II, including an exhibition detailing the construction of Landing Ship, Tanks (LSTs) at the Evansville Shipyard.

The exhibitions of the Evansville Museum Transportation Center, EMTRAC, interpret transportation in Southern Indiana from the latter part of the Nineteenth Century through the mid Twentieth Century.  Included in the exhibitions are the propeller from the first plane to fly in Evansville; a historic three-car train; a 1910 Sears Motor Car; and the intricate model railroad Charlotte’s Evansville.

Changing history exhibitions draw upon the resources of private collectors, area and national institutions, and the permanent collection of the Evansville Museum.  These exhibitions provide a broad range of local and regional history.


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