FamilyPlace Gallery


Welborn Baptist Foundation Family Place

The Museum’s, new Welborn Baptist Foundation FamilyPlace is now open. Located just beyond our temporary main entrance, FamilyPlace is a Science hands-on gallery created especially for families.

Children and adults alike can enjoy family favorite, interactive exhibits including our Gravity Well, Flying Magnets, Duck in Kaliedoscope and Anti-Gravity Mirror, plus over a dozen more interesting exhibits. New to FamilyPlace is a Jacob’s Ladder exhibit donated by Local Union 16 of Evansville. This exhibit creates “Frankenstein-like” sparks that rise over three feet into the air. FamilyPlace is also the new home for our iconic, Alaskan Brown Bear and Science Demonstration Area.

Teen volunteers in our Science Explainer Program interact with visitors, perform science demonstrations and answer questions about our the exhibits in this popular participatory area on select weekends.